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    Market Capitalization

    Rank 73 (76)

    Change 24h


    Change 7 days


    Volume 24h


    BPE ( BTC $5,291)


    Current Supply


    Maximum Supply

    Links WAX

    Website: https://wax.io/

    Source Code: https://github.com/waxio

    Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x3… https://ethplorer.io/address/0…

    Messageboard: https://medium.com/wax-io/

    Chat: https://t.me/wax_io https://t.me/waxtokenannouceme…

    Rate - 2 month

    $WAX2019-03-01Mar2019-04-01Apr2019-04-18 : 0.0885922019-04-18 : 0.0885922019-02-25 : 0.040359
    Min.: 0.040359 Max.: 0.088592

    Rank - 2 month

    #WAX2019-03-01Mar2019-04-01Apr2019-04-17 : 612019-03-09 : 932019-02-20 : 48
    Min.: 48 Max.: 93

    Markets and Exchanges

    Huobi EtherDelta


    The ticker symbol for WAX is WAX. The maximum amount of WAX is limited at .

    The currenct rate of WAX (WAX) on 19.04.2019 is $0.09. In the last 24 hours the traded volume of WAX was $456,989. The market capitalization is $85m at the moment. Based on the capitalization, the current rank for number WAX is 73 of all cryptocurrencies listed over here.

    Be aware that the market capitalization is calculated based on the available supply of WAX, which is considered to be 1.85b at the moment. This amount might differ from the real accessible supply and therefore you should take these values with caution.

    The price of WAX (WAX) changed about -0.5% in the last tracked hour. During the last 24 hours the price changed by 2.44% and during the last week, based on 7 days, the change of WAX was 10.53%.

    Pricing of cryptocurrencies depends mainly on the amount of units available - the more coins or tokens, the less the price. Therefore it is difficult to compare various cryptocurrencies. One value to simplify comparision of cryptocurrencies is the BPE (Bitcoin Price Equivalent). In case of WAX (WAX) the BPE is $9.47 at the last calculation.

    Tracking the development of WAX compared to other cryptocurrencies can be done by tracking the ranking as well. Therefore we are using the market capitalization and verify the ranking of various cryptocurrencies over time. This helps us to see the development of cryptocurrencies over time. For WAX the ranking changed from 76 to 73.

    If you need exact data for WAX, you can access the prices for the last 90 days as table. Just go to Historical Prices and access the data you are interesed in.

    More information about WAX can be found at their main website at https://wax.io/.

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